Discover new music

I had a lot of spare time in the last few weeks. Time to think, to listen to music and to read several articles. I might write a little bit more about it in the next few weeks, but today let’s focus on music. Because as soon as I listened to more and different bands, I had the wish to start sharing my discoveries with my loved ones.

Back in the day it was a lot of work to get a mixtape together. You needed a CD player, a tape recorder and a lot of time. This is much easier now by just searching and adding things to digital playlists, thanks to all these different streaming services. So without further chit chat, here ten 30min-long playlists to find new sounds and as potential “mood enhancer” throughout the day:

(Small notice: The title should tell you roughly what to expect, but all playlists have a short description as well.😉)



Have fun listening! What are your current favorites?