self portrait
May 2023

My name is Constantin Lügering. 43 years old, father of two, husband and drummer.

Main profession application developer, working in IT for more than 22 years, more than 12 in IT security. Things, I do in my spare time: hitting gamepad buttons, learning and educating about relationships & emotions at work and breaking down complex topics with simple drawings.

📄 Rough reading time of this page: 3 minutes. The english version of this page is still under heavy development, you can find all blog entries in the german version.


Current books:

  • Neue Narrative (paper magazine about new work, subscription with three editions per year)
  • Understanding Comics (what makes a comic, how has it been developed?),
  • Capital & Ideology (this graphic novel adaptation is perfect for anyone looking to understand the wealth gap and why society is the way it is today)

Current music:

Everything from A to Zeus. Mostly shredding guitars, kitsch, popfunkhip-hop und Rock. Big dislike on schlager. Check out the links and also my playlist called The 1% ⭐ on Tidal for a current mix of my all time favorites. This is my public profile.

Games I play(ed):

Other media

Animated movies are still underrated here in Germany. Check out my personal favorites:

Adventure Time, Bojack Horseman, Gravity Falls, The Owl House und Batman – The animated series. Oh and Spiderman – Into the Spider-Verse + Accross the Spiderverse. On top of that everything from Studio Ghibli.

If you are more into movies with real poeple, check out the following recommendations: Flight of the Conchords, Shaun of the dead, Community, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Knives Out (but just the first one, the second just wants to much and does not deliver).

Alpaca Staredown
Unsere Musik auf Bandcamp
Alpaca Staredown
Get our current e.p. at Bandcamp!

I play drums since the mid-nineties, all learned by myself and together with many friends, who allowed me to play along with them:

Starting with Another Wasted Day, first gigs and recordings; followed by Hands Down with gigs in front of total strangers; with Make Ends Meet to play in a band with strangers. With Neruda into uncommon territory outside of pop-punk & indie; with Hobsons Choice to cover classic rock & blues songs; with Cats Blue into Jazz, Soul & Pop; with my best man Henning Basler a yearly 1-week life of touring and last but not least with Alpaca Staredown, that it only takes two individuals to create powerful music with and without voices.

Eine sehr detaillierte Darstellung meiner Raspberry Pi Sammlung
My GPIcase, a RaspberryPi 400 and a Competition Pro joystick in all its glory.

While I am not on the go with my family or sitting at the drum set, I like to hit some buttons to waste my spare time. This includes some technical gadjets like my trusted Raspberry Pi Zero, which protects my local network from malware & adware with Pi-Hole. A Raspberry Pi 400 allows me to play retrogames on my 32″ tv (PiMiga 3.0 anyone?) and the portable GPIcase provides great diversion on the go!


Want to reach out? Just use the form on the Contact page and I’ll get back to you. I promise not to give away your contsact data, also this page does not reveal my mail address. email-crawler, spam-bots and other, you know…

You can also find me at Mastodon,  Twitter  or you can send me a message at LinkedIn!